My Detox Journey

Jenny Connolly

My Detox Journey

Jenny is Co-owner of The Lo-cal Kitchen with her husband Stephen. She is a busy working mum of two young boys, Seb & Theo aged 2 and 16 months. Below is a detailed insight into her experience of doing The Lo-cal 5 day detox:

Jenny was feeling tired and burnt out regardless of eating a very healthy diet and exercising regularly. She has also had trouble with her skin lately.


Day 1 Sunday:

Had a black coffee and some water upon waking. It’s already 10.30 and I’m finished my yoga but feeling really hungry. The yoga really woke me up though and gave me that added boost.

Had my breakfast smoothie which was really filling so that should keep me going for a while! Drinking loads of water and herbal teas through the day.

12.00 Liver shot, not a fan of beetroot so always found this one a bit harder to drink but I have to say it has given me a huge boost, feel like its working in some way, I’m not sure how yet but I feel like its shooting through my veins or something!!


2.00 Its time for my ultimate Health Booster. It tastes so good and I want to savor it so I’m trying to take it slow and spread it out. I’m going to save half until after I meditate.

2.30 I switch on my yoga app, pop the earphones in and lie down for a 20 minute meditate! This particular one is hard not to fall asleep with so of course I do snooze but I make myself wake up and get up after 20 mins and I feel re-energized. I’m really looking forward to my Ultimate Health Booster now!!

I’ve made it to 5.15pm and I’m feeling hungry, I just ate my soup or rather drank my soup, but now is the time where I need to break out a snack, I’m going to have a small apple.

6.45pm Husband returns so I take advantage of him minding the kids and run myself an Epson salt and lavender bath.

7.00 to 7.45 bath and some Netflix on the iPad, switch off!

8.00pm I make a cup of chamomile tea and lie on the sofa for a while

8.45 time for my bedtime smoothie, its quite thick and filling which is just what I need now, I’d have been going to bed with a rumbling stomach.

9.15pm I retreat to the bedroom and begin my bedtime yoga AKA earth yoga PM which is 20 minutes long but half way through you climb into bed and basically fall asleep.

Day 2 Monday:

6.30 I hear Theo but actually finding it so hard to get up. Lucky for me he found his soother and has fallen back to sleep. I had intended on getting up and doing my morning yoga at 6.30/7.00 but I just want to sleep…..

8.00 Get babies up and dressed, not before checking where the elf on the shelf has hidden this morning, Seb wants toast with cheese melted on it! I think he secretly knows mummy is starving so he goes for her fave food..


8.30 we’re down stairs and I’m all set with my smoothie. I’m teaching Seb to share so I need to share, he offers me some of his toast with melted cheese…… This is tough

8.55 We eventually get into the car to go to Montessori, still got half my smoothie and my precious 1 coffee in my travel mug!! The smoothie kicks in and I’m alive!!!

9.10 down to the cafe computer on, work started and I feel unbelievably sharp. My normal working day would be as it has been up until now but I would drink at least 2 coffees throughout my morning in the cafe and I try to squeeze in a workout before collecting Seb, so I would have a small black instant coffee before that too. I know I’m going to feel that today trying to work and do all the running around without my coffee is gonna be difficult. I’m hoping copious amounts of green tea and matcha tea will keep me going

10.30 I head off to run errands with a green tea in hand, I want to try get to my workout earlier today so I can fit in my AM yoga first as I slept in today!


Ok I think I deserve a medal because I managed to go to SuperValu and do a full shop for Steve and the boys. Luckily our liver shots are available in SuperValu because I got one to tide me over while I ran through the shop.

12.00: Off for a workout, first a banana and then a matcha tea, 11 mins of yoga sun salutations followed by 30 mins workout (legs day so lots of squats, lunges and a bit of cardio skipping and burpees)

1.00: collecting Seb and feeling quite hungry, I’m going to devour that bowl of soup. I’m going to need a protein shake as well to repair the muscles. I’m looking forward to meditating/snoozing when the boys are having a nap!!!

16.00: ok it’s a late nap so late to meditate, note to self get stricter with the kids!! Too much singing and dancing!! I feel more alert after the protein shake and I had another green tea. After I meditate I have to make the dinner for the boys and Steve. To be honest parts of today have been difficult but it’s really only meat I’m craving. I’m quite happy with everything else. I don’t feel like I’m starving my body. I thought I’d be fecked without the coffee too. One cup in the a.m. would’ve been laughable a week ago but I’m fine with the green tea. I wonder will the 5-day meat free diet get easier?!?! I want to cut back on meat in general so hopefully this will kick start me!!

17.00: meditated, exfoliated and nice warm shower. Back to work now and have to make the dinner. I’ll work until the boys are awake again and then feed and do my other job (Mammy)! Typically, the hardest time of the detox is dinner time and before bedtime. Once they go to bed I’ll do a bit more work, hopefully chill in front of the TV if I feel like it and then yoga and bed like last night.

I’ve noticed I’ve had a funny taste in my mouth for most of the day and feel like I have bad breath. Again I am not starving at all so I wonder is this due to a lack of meat? I need to research this, I wonder will it still be the same by the end of the week.

I actually thought I would be suffering with headaches from lack of caffeine but they were actually a lot worse last week when I was having loads of coffee and tea. The problem is I love love love the taste of coffee!!!

18.00: Kids are eating and not long awake after a late nap, Steve is sitting down to dinner so its time to take out my green salad. Its nice but I am missing meat or eggs or even some cheese! My body seems to be craving it today.

9.30 I’ve gotten through another day woohoo! I’m off up to bed to do my yoga. Head is a bit melted with work so I won’t find it easy to switch off this eve.

10.00: In bed and yoga finished but not completely passed out like last night, my stomach is a bit noisy but I feel like its sorting itself out or something, probably detoxing!

 Day 3 Tuesday

  • I’ve started the day the same as the others but not feeling hungry and feeling a lot sharper.
  • When Seb returns from Montessori the house is utter madness….. Toys everywhere, carpet of lego on the floor, singing teddies all going at the same time, you name it. The thing is its not stressing me out like it did before, I’m just letting the madness happen, its hurting nobody and I’ll clear up when the kids are in bed! Possibly a side effect from yoga and I’m very pleased with that.
  • Not craving meat today but finding I want some chocolate or anything sweet. Making the dinner wasn’t difficult for that reason I think.
  • Skin feeling a bit oily so popped on a face mask before bed. Feeling a little disappointed that my skin hasn’t cleared up.


 Day 4 Wednesday

Morning: I hear the pitter patter of Sebs little feet coming flying into the room to tell me he needs the loo while I’m savoring my coffee in the bed! (cue the home alone music when they’re all trying to get out of the house to the airport) The house becomes loud and everything speeds up.

  • Definitely feeling sharper with work and ideas in general. I feel like the last 2 days of the detox (day 4 & 5) are needed because its only now that I feel like the body has been rejigged and now I’m feeding it the good stuff. Its almost like its cleared the toxins and now its building up the defense.
  • Listening to Calamity crow (children’s song apparently) over and over along with a group rendition of the singing teddies while I change Theo and watch Seb begin to take off his clothes already late for Montessori definitely tested my stress levels this morning but oddly enough I felt totally calm. I am ridiculously disorganized so me being late would come as no surprise to anyone who knows me.
  • Skin feels glowier today and dark circles have lessened but skin hasn’t cleared.

Evening: A lot of work to do this evening & the kids were being difficult, feeling a little bit tired and emotional so off to bed and just did a bit of stretching rather than the whole yoga routine

Day 5 Thursday

Morning: Moving a lot faster today and Sebs in Montessori on time!!!

  • Nothing bothering me today. I can go grocery shopping without wanting to eat everything. I’m craving green tea and juices and really looking forward to my liver shot. Really enjoying all the food today as well. Its like I have a heightened sense of taste because everything seems more flavorsome. The sweet potato salad has a good kick to it as well so its warming.

Evening: Busy day but I got everything done. Pre-bed I feel sharper, clearer and more energized, my nails are no longer breaking & I think my skin has brightened and plumped up, possibly more hydrated but the detox didn’t clear up my skin so next up for me would be dermatologist.

 Day 6 (the day after):

I’ve lost 3.5kg, 7.7lb, 0.5st. I’m quite surprised to be honest. For me this wasn’t about weight loss, in fact I was quite happy with my weight. I have grown out of the want to have a Victoria Secrets model figure. I eat well generally and I exercise 3-4 times a week so my body is how it should be. I think I’ve possibly dropped water weight too though.

My hair feels good and my nails which were breaking a lot recently are rock solid. I’m definitely not in any mood to sit around doing nothing, I want to get moving and get work done, feeling very energetic.

2 Weeks later

The weight has stayed off, I’ve done one detox day since which was fine and I’m still taking smoothies and juices throughout the day and eating healthy for dinner most days but my hair, nails and weight have stayed steady since I’m still drinking the green tea, taking the smoothies and juices and still trooping with the liver shots daily.


The detox definitely jump started a healthier eating plan for me. I would consider myself a good eater in general but I took far too much sugar and caffeine and reducing both has left me with far more energy. I’m now hooked on green tea and I look forward to smoothies, juices and salads. I do realize that spending a lot of my time in a health food café is of huge benefit to me but that would probably be more in terms of the convenience of certain foods. I have a fridge full of fruit and veg here so my snacks are generally good choices. I also carry a water bottle around with me all the time and drink as much as possible throughout the day.

Learnings / Tips & Tricks

  • I wouldn’t do any strenuous exercise, just light walks &/or yoga
  • Have healthy fruit and veg available in the fridge in case you need a snack
  • Always carry a water bottle, its possible you’re thirsty rather than hungry
  • Keep busy but find time to relax
  • Be prepared mentally and clear the diary so you don’t need to have a mental battle at a party or event where they have nibbles and alcohol.

Jen xx